Converting huge data and consumer insights into practical strategies that promote above-market growth. In the modern economy, data analytics is a potent instrument that can be applied to decision-making and the development of corporate strategy. Organizations produce enormous volumes of data across sectors, which has increased the demand for specialists that are data literate and familiar with how to evaluate and analyze that data.


Installing Platform Conversion Pixel And Google Tag Manager Will Take Place As Part Of The Onboarding Process, And They Will Be Maintained Throughout The Course Of Our Business Partnership. In Order To Follow The Consumer Journey On The Ad’s Landing Page, Tag Manager, For Instance, Enables Us To Set Up Transformation Triggers Via Google Ads. The Possible Tracking Elements Are Form Submission Button Presses And Page Loads.


An Analytics Audit Of The Website Will Be Carried Out As Part Of The Onboarding Process As Well In Order To Uncover Useful Information And Boost Performance. Finding Potential Issues That Are Negatively Affecting The Usability And Functionality Of Your Site Is Made Possible Thanks To This Examination.


The Data Is Tailored In Our Personalized Dashboards To Meet Your Urgent Analytics Needs. With The Help Of Supermetrics, We Advance Data Visualization By Displaying Outcomes For A Range Of Platforms, Such As Ads On Facebook, Linkedin Adverts, Instagram Data, Google My Business, And Much More.


Along With Providing Customers With Instantly Available Progress Dashboards, We Also Provide Biweekly And Progress Report Sessions In Which These Dashboards Are Thoroughly Examined And Pertinent Kpis Like Engagement, Sales, And Value Per Result Are Discussed. Additionally, These Reports Provide Users The Option To See Performance Data For All Creative Pieces That Have Been Used During A Specified Time Frame. Each Element Is Displayed As A Thumbnail To Make It Simple To Identify It.

As an insights and analytics company, what do we do?
Our objective is to work with our customers to create a collection of useful skills that work together to uncover and make the most of the data that is relevant to their circumstance. We achieve this by putting the following tactics into practice:
Gaining insights through the examination of many data sources
Along with helping to improve the required IT infrastructure, we locate and acquire essential internal and external data. When possible, we offer consumer insights quickly—often in less than 10 days—by putting a strong emphasis on speed.
Generating insights and creating programmes based on them
We collaborate with top executives and front-line employees to create internal procedures, rewards programmes, and a corporate culture that promotes the use of insights in making effective business decisions. For instance, to concentrate on the main value-drivers, we construct prediction and optimization models. The simplicity of use and complexity are balanced in these models. Our goal while building up programmes is to establish a continuous “insights factory.”
Providing both short- and long-term growth that is driven by insights
We provide basic tools for the field and teach people on how to utilize them to get valuable information from large, complicated data sets. We offer IT and data support infrastructure through our cutting-edge, ISO-certified data center in Atlanta. Many important software languages are spoken and written with ease by our employees.


Why is analysis such a key factor?
To have a clear understanding of how you might enhance your current approach, it is essential to measure the reach and performance of your marketing initiatives. Understanding how many of your website’s current users there are compared to how many new users there are, in relation to the various platforms where you are advertising, is essential to evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. Analytics offers that, with each data point serving as a crucial component of the overall picture.
What methods are used to collect data?
Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Tag Manager, and Supermetrics are some examples of Google products.
How does Google Analytics track conversions?
Analytics objectives control website activity to efficiently monitor conversions. These could include periods of visit length, locations where pages load, and button click occurrences. A great tool for tracking Google Advertising conversions brought on by certain ads is Google Tag Manager. For appropriate tracking of views on youtube and form completions, GTM can also integrate with Hubspot and Youtube, to name a couple.
How do Google Ads conversions tracking?
Conversion events may be created using Google Analytics Goals and afterwards imported into Google Ads. On your website, we can build conversion events like page views and form responses using Google Tag Manager in combination with Google Ads.
How do you monitor social media conversions?
With the help of the Facebook Pixel, we are able to develop and monitor a wide range of conversions, such as “Thank You” Page Loads, which appear when a form is completed. We may gather leads prior to a possible consumer ever leaving the site by using instant forms coupled to Facebook or LinkedIn Ads. With the help of Supermetrics, a Google Tag Manager add-on, we can collect both free and paid information from websites and apps like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Microsoft (Bing), Twitter, Mailchimp, and more.
A campaign objective’s potential on google data studio: How do you determine it?
We can forecast future expenditures, income, and performance by using Google Data Studio to examine previous campaign and keyword data. We can then put the required optimizations into practice based on these findings.

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